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Greetings, dear teachers we have uploaded various plans, lesson plan of the academic year, you can download from here.

Teacher Resources 2023-24: The following resources can be downloaded by clicking the Download button given next to the respective name in the table below.

The aim of this section is to provide various resources for teachers, and class of 8th, 9th and 10 grade teaching teachers can benefit all these resources, which are ready to download. teachers are requested to make use of these resources for use lovely students of class 8th, 9th and 10th grade.

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10thKannadaAnnual Action PlanPDFDownload
10thScience5E Lesson PlanPDFDownload
10thScienceImplementation transactionPDFDownload
10thScienceAnnual Action PlanWordDownload
10thScienceAnnual work planPDFDownload
10thScienceAnnual work planWordDownload
10thScienceOutcome Improvement
Action Plan
10thScienceOutcome Improvement
Action Plan
10thMathAnnual work planPDFDownload
10thMathAnnual Estimated
Curriculum Plan
10thMathAnnual Action Plan-1WordDownload
10thMathAnnual Action Plan-2WordDownload
10thMathAnnual Action Plan-3WordDownload
10thMathAnnual Action PlanPDFDownload
10thMathAnnual Action PlanPDFDownload
10thMathAnnual Action PlanPDFDownload
10thMathAnnual Action PlanWordDownload
10thMathAnnual lesson noteWordDownload
10thMathUnit planPDFDownload
10thMathAnnual lesson allocationWordDownload
10thMathAnnual lesson notePDFDownload
10thMathsLesson Plan (EM)PDFDownload
8. 9, 10thScienceLesson sharing practicePDFDownload
9thScienceWork supply transactionPDFDownload
9thScienceAction planWordDownload
9thScienceAnnual lesson allocationWordDownload
9thScienceAnnual lesson allocationPDFDownload
9thScience5E Lesson PlanPDFDownload
9thMathLesson PlanPDFDownload
9thMath5E Lesson PlanPDFDownload
9thMathAnnual Estimated
Curriculum Plan
9thMathLesson NotePDFDownload
9thMathLesson NoteWordDownload
9thMathLesson sharing practiceWordDownload
9thMathLesson sharing practicePDFDownload
9thMathAnnual Estimates Paper
Annual Estimates Paper
8thScienceAction planWordDownload
8thScienceWork supply transactionPDFDownload
8thScience5E Lesson PlanPDFDownload
8thScienceAnnual Estimates PaperWordDownload
8thScienceAnnual lesson allocationPDFDownload
8thMathAnnual lesson allocationPDFDownload
8thMathsLesson Plan (EM)PDFDownload
8thMathLesson Plan-1PDFDownload
8thMathLesson Plan-2PDFDownload
8thMathAnnual Estimates PaperPDFDownload
8thMathAnnual lesson allocation
& Lesson Notes
8thMath5E Lesson PlanPDFDownload
ScholarshipClick Here
Government SchemeClick Here
Govt Jobs Click Here

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